To whom do I report a CPS Investigator who made false allegations about me to her supervisors & in an affidavit to the Court.

Asked 10 months ago - Mckinney, TX

Both parents are in jail & my grand daughter is in foster care with a hearing to appoint Director of CPS as temp managing conservator set in two days. Due to inaccurate and false information about me in the case investigators report, my GD was put in foster case instead of with me where she has lived almost all her life . My daughter came home to live with our GD when she was born, she's now a year old. I have standing and have prepared an intervening suit in SAPCR CPS filed which would put it directly before the judge. Most inaccurate info about me could be disputed by conflicting statements she put in her supporting affidavit. I'm unsure if her supervisors are aware her info about me is false, as they did approve her recommendation, so if I go to them 1st the truth may never be known

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    Answered . You should hire a lawyer. That's true anytime CPS is involved.

    You have clearly done a lot of research but you still need professional help.

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    Answered . I agree with the previous answer. These cases are complicated and you need an attorney to help you. Call some attorneys from this site to get price quotes and hire one ASAP to get that hearing continued. Best of luck!

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    Answered . Maria is right, it looks like you have definitely done your homework but you would still definitely be well served by having a lawyer represent you. Dealing with CPS is not a level playing field for an unrepresented party - level the playing field by unleashing a lawyer.

    Best of luck

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    Answered . You must focus your fight in disproving her statements in Court to win custody. Hire an attorney. It can make the different between winning and losing.

    This does not establish an attorney/client relationship. Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant County, Texas... more

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