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To modify child support(based in an injunction); Can I just file an appeal of injunction?

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Employer "let me go" and my attempts to figure out what to do about my child support payments has left me with half the minutes I should have for the month! I also drove to the other county where it was filed to try and sort out the matter and ended up buying a modification of child support paper packet. Inadvertently when I asked to file out an appeal of injunction I got a modification of child support there for free and its ALOT less paperwork than what I was told I would need. BTW most of the people that I spoke to either child support people or even sheriffs office don't exactly know what they are talking about. Anyway, If I filed for an appeal of injunction and may fully express there that I am unable to pay this child support, which is expressed on paper, then everything should be ok

I filed the appeal of injunction at the "injunctions office" and also bought a packet to modify child support. Child support people told me that I am not in their system and had spoken to several people. Because there was no asset/income verification for the injunction child support and because it has this type of information needed in the packet that I purchased I believe that I bought a packet to modify child support that was not setup and was granted in a restraining order. It feels that I have done all that I can at this point but my only other option is to go back to that county and fill out the "free" packet to appeal just the child support of that injunction. I just wanted to be sure and appreciate all your advise as this is your profession on a day to day basis. Did I do everything that I needed to do?

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Don't rely on rumor or those people that don't have a law license that don't know what they are talking about.

Your questions make clear you need to hire an attorney.

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