To contest the Citation 3111(A)

Asked almost 2 years ago - Philadelphia, PA

I have received Traffic Citation ( Obedience to Traffic control devices) for speeding,The Cop said in 40 MPH zone I was on 62 MPH. I want to contest the ticket because I was not going@ that speed, I was around 45 MPH. The car I was driving cannot go that fast. Now my question is that I am going to Court if I am found Guilty, can they put this on my record and give me points. Now I am having Citation under Section 3111 and Sub section A, it doesn't give any points for sure but I am not sure will it show on record.

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    Answered . I too agree with my colleague. Normally, a 311(a) is not given unless you contest the ticket in court. Also, it will not appear on your record.

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    Answered . Seems like the officer may have cut you a break as many moving violation tickets get reduced to 311(a). Be careful what you write on these sites as well. I know you want to contest this, but even in your question you admit to speeding. This is something that I recommend you sit down and discuss with an attorney so you know your rights and options.

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    Answered . I agree with my colleague. If you are charged with a 3111, this is a non point violation. It will not affect your license.

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    Answered . You already admit speeding so you are best off paying the $100 fine and be on your way. This is even less of a fine than 45 Ina 40. Also, if you have a car that doesn't go over 45 mph then it is most likely broken, in disrepair and you should probably not be driving it. Driving a broken vehicle is unsafe to you and all other on the road.

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