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Timeshare ownership after a death.

Pewaukee, WI |

My mother owns a timeshare she no longer wants. None of her children wants it either. We have tried selling if for a couple of years with no takers. We even had it on e-bay for $1 and were going to pay most of the transfer fees, but still no buyers. After she dies, will we be responsible for it? What will happen to her if she stops paying the maintenance fees now and defaults on it?

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After your mother's death her estate may be liable but you as heirs or beneficiaries would not be required to accept any liability.

You should consult with an estate planning atorney that may be able to isolate you mother's other assets from liqability for this debt.

While living your mother remains liable, so risk that the timeshare organization could pursue, but the attorney can evaluate risk including other assets and protections from judgment debt under federal and/or wisconsin law.

An attorney needs all facts and documents to review. Your mother's situation is all too common with timeshares, especially if they are not successful, no market to relieve your mother of obligations.

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