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Time limits on suing the police , city or DA

I want to sue either the city, police or DA for tampering with evidence or incompetent representation. I had two court appointed attorneys who prevented me from viewing the tampered evidence , even though I requested to do so several times from both of them. The evidence that was tampered with are videos of my arrested and detained. I was originally arrested in June of 2011 but cut a bargain April 2013. It has been a long time since my arrest but the tampered evidence has never been in my property. What are my options? Any one know the time limits I might be facing?

South San Francisco, CA -

Attorney Answers (2)

Kelvin P. Green

Kelvin P. Green

General Practice Lawyer - Torrance, CA

You cut a deal and admitted to the charge, you aren't going to get much traction. Videos of an arrest and detention don't seem real important unless there were constitutional rights violations like Miranda violations...

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Gary Stephen Brown

Gary Stephen Brown

Litigation Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

The facts you present are too vague to express any advice about the substance of your lawsuit. The time limit for filing a lawsuit against a government entity for state law violations is first six months to file the Government Claim form which you can find on the internet and then time from the rejection letter, which will be disclosed to you in that letter. If your claim is for a violation of civil rights you have two years from the time of the event. You can look on the internet for forms and advice about what matters. Going it alone is very difficult and you are not likely to succeed that way. Also, cutting a deal says things about your position that are hard to overcome. Good luck.

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