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Ticketed for urinating in public in Texas

Dallas, TX |

It was written on a ticket stub also used for driving tickets. On the ticket, the "non-traffic" check box is checked. The cop wrote me the ticket and went about his business. I went ahead and just paid it. The cost of the ticket was $329. On the county court receipt printout there are a couple of things that mean nothing to me: under the heading "F" there's a "1" filled in. Under the heading "A" there's a "C" filled in.

I am wondering whether this is a violation or a misdemeanor. Does this go on my record and will it come up when a prospective employer does a background check?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. It is a class "C" misdemeanor. If you paid it and received a non-supervised deferred adjudication it can be expunged, which means completely wiped off your record.

    If you received anything else it will be on your record forever. Most attorneys will look up how it was classified and let you know if anything can be done.