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This question is for my friend. She is facing constant harassment by few men.

Grand Rapids, MI |

She has been dating several people and has been having sexual relations with multiple men. But few of these men are not keeping that as a secret. And hence, a few other guys (not from the ones she's dating) have been harassing her, making extremely derogatory remarks to her face. When she objects, they say "We have a right to harass you, since you are a w****". I have advised her to report it the police, but she is afraid that her promiscuous nature won't get her justice.

These guys are not just verbally abusing her, they also block her way when she is going somewhere; they would approach to talk to her when she would be doing her work; sometimes grabbing her hand forcing to talk to her.

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  1. It's not clear what your friend is seeking here. If she thinks the physical contact is insulting, she should perhaps start a civil complaint against these people for assault and/or battery. Or, she could file a police report if she was assaulted and/or battered. If she thinks people shouldn't be saying things about her past relationships with men, that's more like a defamation case.

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