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I believe that a county court at law judge (not in this county) has committed a criminal act (a Felony). I do not feel comfortable going to the local DA, he and the judge are too close and I have seen other things which the DA has not handled in a proper professional manner when it comes to his buddies. What are my options outside the county, what the judge has done is pretty serious. Before you suggest the Commission on Judicial conduct this is really a criminal matter.

Waco, TX -

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Scott Douglas Marquardt

Scott Douglas Marquardt

Criminal Defense Attorney - Plano, TX

Criminal misconduct by an elected official is typically handled by the local DA. In instances where the local DA is also suspect, the jurisdiction falls to the Texas Rangers (the law enforcement agency, not the team). The Rangers can be reached at 512-424-2160. Good Luck.

Edward Jacob Sternisha

Edward Jacob Sternisha

Criminal Defense Attorney - Grand Rapids, MI

Consider contacting the Texas Attorney General at:

By telephone:

Main agency switchboard
Public Information & Assistance
Consumer Protection Hotline
Open Records Hotline
Press Office (512) 463-2100
(800) 252-8011 or (512) 475-4413 (in Austin)
(800) 621-0508
(512) 478-6736 (478-OPEN)
(512) 463-2050

By FAX: (512) 475-2994

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Benjamin J Lieberman

Benjamin J Lieberman

Criminal Defense Attorney - New York, NY

You might also consider going to the FBI and the Department of Justice.

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