THis has to do with health insurance and the right of someone (outside of your family) forcing one to use a physician outside of

Asked 9 months ago - New York, NY

your insurance plan, against your wishes. My child has been seeing a doctor for nearly 3 years who is not in my insurance plan, from the insistence of her law guardian. As a result, I must pay out of pocket each time. Initially, this was not my choice, as I suggested several names within my plan. Now nearly 3 years later, I must end these appointments because of the cost. Is it illegal of someone to force you to use a doctor outside your plan??

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  1. David Ivan Bliven


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    Answered . More details are necessary, as you mentioned a "Law Guardian," but didn't mention whether you have an ongoing child custody case, or whether there is a court order to that effect. If you have a custody case, and don't yet have a lawyer, you need one. Schedule a consultation with a NYC Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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