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This evening I was served a petition to appear in court on February 7th @ 11am for modification of a court order.

Richmond, VA |

I wasn't represented the first time but would like to be represented this time. It hasn't even been a year since the court order was put in place. It was put in place on March 8, 2012. Can I contact the courts and request a continuance so that I can look for an attorney to represent me or can only an attorney request a continuance? I do not want to appear in court without legal representation but I don't feel like I was given enough time to obtain an attorney. What do I need to do in this situation?

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I think you asked this same question about an hour later than this one. You should contact the court clerk and ask if it is set for trial that day or just to set a date for trial. The clerk can also let you know local procedure for a continuance.

Please note that this response is based upon the limited information available in the question. In addition, it is not intended to create an attorney/client relationship and is offered only as general information and not as legal advice.

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