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They set bail at $100,000. And bond at $100,000. Does that mean that I can't pay a bail bondsmen 10 - 15%. How does it work?

Bronx, NY |

Do I need collateral? I have a car and the rest would have to be cash. No property or land. Otherwise I would have to try to get the cash. I think he would function better in dealing with his case if he were to post bail.

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  1. This probably means cash or bond, as it is the same dollar amount.

  2. first, bail bondsmen no longer typically charge 10- 15% in NY, the fee is generaly much greater than that.

    the bail conditions mean that you can EITHER chose to go with 100,000 cash or pay whatever fee a bail bondsman would charge you on a $100,000 bond... it is your choice.

    Our office is currently putting in place a PROBONO program for major felonies, i would assume that with such a bail the underlying charge could only be a higher level felony... feel free to contact us, if the case meets our requirements we may be able to take the case on at no fee OR at a highly reduced fee. you may reach us at 646-633-4563

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