There is no doubt I need an attorney.

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done the prelims and from the response, there's gold here. I'm sure we will prevail but it won't be easy, not by a long shot. So if you're tough, not afraid to go up against the "big guys", you might be the one. Make contact and I'll provide you with the case log to get your feet wet. I'm hesitant to give any more on the matter because of case security concerns

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There have been other attorneys who have turned me down on this case for one reason or another but, that's because I did not stress hard enough to call me when you have a question or a doubt. This case is extraordinary complicated and is very easy to misunderstand. If you have the time to examine the case carefully and are aggressive and fearless, maybe you might be the one for the job. However there is a bump in the road ; The time limit for suite filing has expired, but isn't there a mechanism or procedure that we can employ if there are life and death mitigating circumstances; such as judicial ruling, arbitration, or something on this order? I pushed all other problems with this case out of way myself, I have paper on this. The only hurdle left is getting their time limit eliminated, and I just know It can be done. I'm not one to accept "no or I can't" for an an

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  1. Jayson Lutzky


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    Answered . Unless you have a legal basis to toll the statute of limitation, then you may be out of luck for filing a lawsuit.

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  2. Michael Evan Greenspan

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    Answered . Attorney Lutzky is correct. A statute of limitations defense is something that cannot be ignored if the time has truly run on whatever cause of action that you seek to advance. You will likely have your case dismissed on a motion based on the statute of limitations. There are statutory tolls, but but these apply to a very narrow spectrum of cases.

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