There is a man named fernando-pedro he`s cyber stalking me for $ how can i make him stop

at my lowest about amonth ago this person from me to set up a pay pal account.saying his client was going to put money into this`s all set up nopw.he helped me.I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE DOING THIS.HE WAS PHISHING AND GOT MY INFO.NOW HE WON`T LEAVE ME ALONE.AND I FEAR FOR MY SAFTY.he won`t leave me alone.i told himn to leave me alone and he won`t.i told him to.and also to call the authoraties on me .now he`s just harerassing me and i don`t know how to stop him.plz help me to make it stop.if he`s doing this to me he`s doing it to others

Lewiston, ME -

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Salim John Sheikh

Salim John Sheikh

Criminal Defense Attorney - Chicago, IL

Contact your local police department.

Sal Sheikh practices law in Illinois.This answer is provided solely for informational purposes only. You should... more

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