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There is a creek that runs along my property line. The owner on the other side states that they own the creek. Do they?

Waynesville, NC |
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According to the Haywood County GIS mapping website It does not list the property owner as adjoining my property nor does it identify the creek as belonging to anyone. I was told when I purchased my home that I owned to the creek and did not have any issues until I cleared a small part of it that was grown up. I was approached by the said owners and told me they owned the creek and that there used to be a fence on my side. I have also been told that when a flowing body of water separates different properties that the line is to the center of it. Please advise. Thank you, John

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I don't practice in your state but most legal description will base the corners and borders of a property on something and sometimes the middle of a stream is it and sometimes either side can be referenced. You should start your research with you title or deed there should be a description of where to start if not, you can hire a licensed land surveyor to help you. Your neghbor will have the same challenges you do so don't take advice from the other side of the creek.

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