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There has been a recall on my 2012 chevy cruze brake assist and I was involved in an accident

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I was involved in an accident in July that I was cited for but don't believe was my fault. My brakes locked up which they shouldn't have because of anti-lock brakes. A recall was just issued for my vehicle that may brake assist to be intermittently reduced or lost requiring extra pedal force and/or longer distance to bring the vehicle to a stop, increasing the risk of a crash. I had to pay a deductible and court costs plus points against my license. Is there any way to prove that I may not have been at fault?

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Speak to a local personal injury attorney right away. Look for a personal injury lawyer who handles product liability claims. Good luck!

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You can also talk to a traffic ticket attorney to see if the recall notice you received would be sufficient for your ticket. If you were injured, be sure to talk to a products liability attorney to see if you have any recourse.

This information provided does not create an attorney-client relationship and is for informational/educational information onlyl.

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You have to talk with a product liability attorney, you can use avvo find a lawyer function to find a lawyer in your area.

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If you have already paid the citation and admitted guilt, then unfortunately, there may be little that you can do about the points on your licence and payment of court costs.

If the automobile was at fault, and the automobile caused damage to you or someone else, then you may have a product liability claim against the automaker. My firm handles many automotive product liability cases, and one crucially important fact that most people don't know is this: YOU NEED THE CAR AS EVIDENCE. So, IF you are considering bringing suit against the vehicle manufacturer, it is crucial that you do not sell the car or allow it to be destroyed.

I'd suggest you consult with a qualified local lawyer.

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Have a local defective product lawyer investigate

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