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The police told me that I will be found guilty of drug conspiracy for associating with drug dealers and that I do not have to

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actually sell drugs but me cooperating will prevent the case from going to the state. Are they telling the truth? I tried calling the DEA but they told me that they cannot answer my questions.

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The first thing you should do in this situation is immediately retain an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer. Do not talk to the DEA or any federal agency. They are not required to respond truthfully to any question you ask. It s like asking the wolf to guard the hen house. The definition of a conspiracy in federal court is an agreement of two are more people two violate the law. That is simple but federal conspiracy law is very complicated. You have a 6th amendment right to counsel. Use it now .



I do not think the case is federal. So even something like giving someone a ride to meet with a friend who will use drugs with him is a conspiracy under federal???


Association does not necessarily mean you conspired. They would have to prove you planned to sell drugs. They can charge you as long as they have probable cause to make the charge. Associating will give them enough probable cause to get away with making the charge. BUT it is not enough to prove conspiracy. Stay away. You don't need the headache. You already know they are watching.

You should seek an attorney. Tell the police to speak to your attorney. They will most likely cease with the empty threats. If they are going to charge you, an attorney will assist with getting the best possible outcome for you.

Contact a local attorney to discuss your options.

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Mere association isn't enough to get you convicted of a conspiracy. But please don't call the DEA for advice. Get a consultation with a competent attorney who knows the drug laws, either state or federal.

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Wow, go ahead and get an attorney to avoid implicating yourself. This does not sound good if they are willing to stretch the truth here.

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