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The police didnt read me my rights and they kept asking me questions when i asked for a lawyer what can i do?

Troy, AL |
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i was arrested for bugulry in the 3rd degree on 2 counts they didnt read my rights before questioning and they forced me into incrimating my self by harrasing me and not getting me a lawyer when i asked for one 3 times.

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Everyone is entitled to protection against self incrimination. That is what the Miranda Rule states. If you are placed in custody and then interrogated the interrogation must stop once you request an attorney. I presume that your attorney will file a motion to suppress the confession based upon that premise. If there is any type of video evidence in the interrogation room you will need to secure that prior to presenting the motion. If your motion is successful the confession will be excluded from any future trial in that matter. There are slight exceptions to this scenario but if you can prove what you allege you should be successful in your motion.

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