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The pictures of me with my wife to be included in my marriage-based AOS package can be black and white photocopies?

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Or those should be actual colored photos on photo-paper? Because I have none of the pictures in physical. All of them are in our laptop.

Similarly, the physical mail that me and my wife have received in our individual and collective names on our home address, if I want to attach those mails as evidence, do I need to attach the actual mail with the package or just the photocopies of their envelopes would be enough?

Lastly, do I need to take photocopy of all pages of my passport, although my passport is brand new and I have U.S. port of entry stamps on just one page of the passport. Rest of the passport is blank.

P.S: I'm already in the U.S. and I'm filing for my AOS in the U.S.

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    Color copies of photos are not required but look nice and clean.
    Copies of mail and envelopes are sufficient but bring originals to interview for comparison.
    Submit copies of any passport pages that have any stamp/visa/info of any kind. Bring original to interview.

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  2. 1) Print color pictures and send them along with the application.
    2) Photocopies of the documents are to be sent.
    3) Send a complete copy of the passport; including blank pages.
    Assuming this is a USC IR petition.

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  3. Printing them in black and white is fine. I usually write the date on them also.

    Don't worry about copying every page of your passport.

    Bring the mail to the interview, not the envelopes.