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The office wrote on my ticket that it was fixable when I went to court they said it was not. Is that a reason for dismissed.

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The officer wrote me a ticket for 12505(c) driving in CA without CA license and wrote it was fixable. When I went to the court to pay they told me if was not fixable and the officer made a mistake. Is this a valid reason for dismissal?

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VC 12500 is a lesser charge that pertains to driving without a valid license. Most often, I see the officer will write the ticket as a Misdemanor. However, most often the courts in Orange County will reduce the charge to an Infraction with a fine upon presentation of a Valid License.

The violation 12505(c) pertains to residency and the requirement of obtaining a license within 10 days of establishing residency.. Even so, I do not believe the mere fact that the officer stated it is fixable which it is not will be grounds for dismissal.

Should I be of further assistance, please contact myself.

Richard Grant
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Do I have any chance of it being changed to fixable or will I have to pay the higher fine?


No- you need to get your CA drivers license. Once you get that the ticket can be dealt with. An attorney can help get this reduced.

Andrew Roberts
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