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The mother of my child is taking me to court for child support, what do I do?

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The mother of my child is taking me to court for child support. We have never had a custody aggrement but I always used to get her 50% of the time up until the last month she has been keeping her from me for no reason. Ive only been able to see her a handful of times this month. In the letter that summons me to court it says she is the sole custodian of our daughter and that I am negelecting my parental duties. I have given her money when she asks, though I have no reciepts. She makes 3x the amount of money I do and whenever I have had our daughter I pay for her when she is with me as well. What do I do to get shared custody and keep her from running me into a hole of debt?

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  1. You need to retain an attorney and counterfile as quick as you can to resume the 50/50 split in time. If you were splitting time 50/50 and she has the greater income, child support will likely be ordered from her to you. Which is why I suspect she has reduced your time. Don't wait on addressing this issue.

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  2. You need to go to court and respond and seek increased visitation in a spelled out order. Tell the judge when she stopped allowing you to see the child as much and now keep tract on time spent on a calendar.

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