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The mechanic broke my car

Phoenix, AZ |
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I took my car to a mechanic to fix the water pump and the timing belt. But he didn t put correctly the timing belt so the belt slipped and broke a part. He kept the car for nearly one week so I had to rent a car during this period. Moreover I always heard that when a timing belt broke or slipped it can damage the whole engine so I will ask him to check it but it can easily said every thing is fine !! It s a well known car service so If he doesn t want to repair the damage do I have defend a claim to small claims court ?

Thanks for your help

Thanks Kyle for your answer and you right it was not very clear. So see below some additional information Actually, I left my car to a mechanic last friday to set a new water pump and a new timing belt but the mechanic didn t set up correctly the timing belt so it slipped and broke a part. He told me that he will change the part he broke but he needs 3 days to get the part from another car dealer. So I had to rent a car for the week end. In the Second Hand, the timing belt slipped and I know that if it happens when the engine is on it can damage a lot of stuff like soupape, or other very expensive part. My car is still at the car service centre. The mechanic told me saturday that they will have the new part on tuesday and fix my car at the end of this day. It will be free of charge for this part but I'm sure he wouldnt pay for the engine damage. Can I require an engine check from the mechanic? Do I have to ask an expert to check the engine in the car service centre ? Thanks for your help

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The first part of your question deals with facts regarding a claim you may have against a mechanic but then you finish by raising a question about defending yourself in a claim in small claims court. Please provide more facts about the claim in small claims court so that your question can be answered. Many times when people pose a question, they know the facts so well they skip over things that need to be included so the story and inquiry can be fully understood by someone else.

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