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The lawyer said he was my lawyer but he was not hired by me and my every move that was made was relayed to others

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Was the lawyer in violation ? of attorney-client privilege/ he would not give me a contract as he said he was retained by the friend and I could not see that until he had worked his way into the cases when he was just a person of interest. then the fillings that he put in before the court were just lame objections.
the lawyer did not tell me his rate until after the forth meeting as I did ask him before and when I met him at court he ask me to sign the letters of substitution before handing over the copies of documents of which I think are false and were only made for me to see.

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Could you please rephrase, focus, and repost your question? I can't understand what you are asking and the situation you are trying to describe is very unclear.

I answer questions on Avvo to try to help get you pointed in the right direction. But, I am not your attorney. Beware, my answers here are general, limited, incomplete, and can never be as complete, thorough, or accurate as one I would give to a client after hearing all of the facts and details of my client's situation and applying the correct law. Also, I am admitted to practice law only in California and all of my answers are intended exclusively for the Golden State.



Client Attorney violation but since he was not retained by me there was there any violation? it's not hard to understand.



I'm just saying even when the TRUTH is right there it cost more to have a lawyer tell it in court. The lawyer did the UNETHICAL and deceitful by only giving advice to me and relaying all the information to the conservators lawyer and the county with out my consent or knowledge. They then filed there responses tailored to my objections and asked to be released while with holding information from me the client.


I am not at all sure exactly what you are asking. You should organize your facts a bit better and ask your question again.



Here in the golden state they have JUST US not JUSTICE !

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