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The lady that rear ended me gave me a wrong last name and is now saying that I backed up into her. What to do now?

Bakersfield, CA |

I was at a stop sign and looked to see if both directions were clear to go I then started to proceed into the roadway when , a car came around the corner at a high rate of speed, I immediately stopped and was stopped for a few seconds, when the car behind me, hit my bumper. She got out of her vehicle and asked me why I stopped, I told her a car was coming, she again asked why I stopped. . We exchanged informations and were on our way. I then received documentation from her insurance company wherein, it has a different last name than what she had given me. Her insurance is saying I am at fault. They have not even taken my statement. My insurance is doing nothing. My 15 year old daughter was in the vehicle with me and my insurance wont even take her statement.

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  1. If you and your daughter were not injured and you have comprehensive coverage on your automobile, work with your insurance company to have your car fixed. They will go after the adverse driver's company if they feel it has merit. If either of you were hurt or you have no comprehensive coverage, hire an attorney to represent your interest.

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  2. First the named insured on a policy may well be different then the driver involved - not unusual. Their carrier is alleging what is called a reverse rearender - very hard to prove. You will need to let this rest in the hands of your insurance. If you are unhappy with the way the adjuster is proceeding contact their manager. The problem with your daughter is that she is not truly independent - but better then nothing.

  3. Most important, communicate with your insurance company in writing and note every employee and extension number you speak with by phone. That's why you have insurance. Cooperate fully with any attorney the insurance company assigned to your case. Insist in writing that the facts are wrong.

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  4. The fact of the matter is that insurance companies are not always as helpful as they should be. In accordance with Mr. Doland's answer, be persistent and document who you talk with. Your insurance company has a legal obligation to represent you and look out for your best interest. Best of luck.

  5. Let your insurance company resolve it.