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The inmates of tenn would like to file a lass action lawsuit against the tenn board of parole

Memphis, TN |

parole violation charge.

And most of them had no legal representation ability to gather evidence or opportunity to respond to their accusers. Instead the review board makes a ruling based on a written statement from officers, the process is unconstitutional and calls for an overhaul that will allow juveniles and adult s due process and legal representation. The juvenile justice and correctional system is failing. Because more than half of incarcerated juvenile and adults were and is locked up over parole violations. The jail system is already over crowed and the citizens tax dollars are paying for more jails to be built. We the people will like to see changes in the way things are done and we are seeking monetary damages.

The inmates decisions in granting or denying parole have more to

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You have a right I think to be represented by an attorney at a parole violation hearing because in my younger years of practice ,I was appointed by the board to represent inmates at these hearings. Most inmates get help from other inmates from the law library instead of requesting a real attorney.They are not going to automatically give you an attorney. You need to request it when you get the paperwork that talks about your hearing date on the violation and what your rights are. You would be amased on how many inmates fail to ask for an attorney at these hearings. No need to file class action lawsuit when you have a right to a free attorney but you have to request it. Good Luck!

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