The grandparents have temp custody of my 2 children. I have been granted unsupervised daytime visitation.

How much time am I allowed to see my kids a day and how many days a week may I have visitation? There are not any restrictions in the order that was signed by the judge.

Aberdeen, WA -

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Thuong-Tri Nguyen

Thuong-Tri Nguyen

Family Law Attorney - Renton, WA

It would be unusual for an order from the judge not to specify exactly when the children is to be with whom. The order should specify which day and hours you have the children.

Since no one here has seen your orders, you need to review the orders and the other details with your attorney to find out your legal options.

If the grandparents have legal custody of the children, they likely can decide when someone else can see the children if there is nothing in the court orders specifying when someone else can see the children.

Yevgeny Jack Berner

Yevgeny Jack Berner

Child Custody Lawyer - Everett, WA

Do you have a copy of the Order that you reference? If you do, it should specify how much time right on the Order. If it doesn't, that's rather odd. How old is this Order? Did you attend the hearing where the Order was signed by the Court?

Jack Berner

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