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The father will still have rights?

Springfield, MO |

My newborn child has my (the mother) last name and the father is involved and will be put on the birth certficate? Is it true that if i decide to run off that my boyfriend wont have rights to the baby?

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That is his baby also. Fathers have the same rights and responsibilities as mothers. And children need both a mother AND a father. Hopefully the father will do everything he needs to do in your state to establish paternity. It would be cruel to him and the baby if you were to run off.

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No, it is not true that if you run away the father loses any rights.

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This question has already been answered very well by the previous two respondents. Not only will "running off" not extinguish his rights, it will whow the court that you are not likely to foster a positive relationship between the father and child. This is important, because two of the biggest factors in a Missouri custody case are the continuing, meaningful contact of a child with both parents, AND which parent is most likely to foster that relationship. This is not a time to run.

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