The dept of treasury took all of my income tax refund, I'm a single mother, I only made 12,000 last year and were getting evictd

I spoke with the dept of education and was told the only way to possibly get my refund is to mail them a court ordered eviction letter, along with my w2, tax return, letter from landlord, water bill, and electric bill. I owe the landlord 3000 for back rent so now he has filed for eviction. My children and I will be homeless soon, I lost my job 2 weeks ago, and needed to buy a car and catch up on all of our bills with this money. They won't even give me a time estimate on how long it will take to get a response as to whether or not we get approved for this hardship. We will be homeless, every dept ive spoken with has been very inconsiderate and shows me no empathy, I'm in no way over exxagerating this situation. What can I do keep my family from being broke and homeless?? Please help :(

Old Hickory, TN -

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James Ronald Tucker Jr.

James Ronald Tucker Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Shelbyville, TN

I don't think there is much of a legal solution here, sorry. A job (any job even day-labour) and focusing on the immediate necessities until you get some breathing room. Have you checked on unemployment and food stamps?

The South in general is kind of a rough place area to be poor in in that there just isn't the social net present in the North. You can check with churches and groups like the Shriners. You might check with the Nashville Rescue Mission:

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