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The custodial parent wants the non-custodial parent to eliminate parenting time in lieu of terminating child support.

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The custodial parent wants the non-custodial parent to eliminate parenting time in lieu of her terminating a charging child support order and all arrears to relocate out of state. If an agreement is reached, what can the non-custodial parent arrange to ensure child support isn't enforced in MN or some other forum in the future despite sacrificing parenting time? Thanks.

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  1. I strongly suspect that you are being misinformed (or that you are misunderstanding) how child custody and child support laws work. This question also seems similar to another question posted on this forum, which mentioned public assistance. If the custodial parent is indeed receiving public assistance, only the county can forgive arrears that are owed to the county (which they rarely do). Additionally, a parent cannot ordinarily permanently waive child support as the right to support is considered the child's right and not the parent's. Agreeing to an out-of-state move for your child is a huge decision which will have far-reaching impacts on your rights as a parent, as well as financial and other legal implications. I strongly suggest you seek legal counsel on these matters.

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  4. Child support may always be modified and, it is unlikely a court would agree to such an arrangement without more.

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