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The cops keep calling me and my job because a report an a girl made against me for stalking? What do I have to do to go away?

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like every other young man, i tried to get with this girl, and i have been talking to her over a year, and then recently she got pregnant by her ex and then stopped returning my texts and phone calls, i called her job a few times, never left voice messages or any any messages or texts, she never told me that she is not interested in me...

i think she made a report to the cops because a detective called me and said he wanted to speak with me and i was nervous and said i had to go, this was over a month ago, and now the cop is calling my job, how can i get the cop to stop calling me and my job, i want to assert my right of silence

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Hire an attorney and the next time they call, divert the investigating officer to speak with that lawyer. Do not agree to make any statements or provide any information. You are smart to not speak with them.

This information is for general purpose only and does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney- client relationship.


Tell the officer you are invoking your rights to remain silent and to have an attorney. Then don't say anything else at all. Maybe he'll go away, maybe he won't. You can hire an attorney for the best level of protection, and an attorney may be able to prevent an arrest and further issues. I was able to do this recently with an alleged hit and run case in which several officers went to my client's home to arrest him. Now, that case is gone and the client isn't going to jail.

Don't listen to attorneys who say to only hire a "local attorney." All our Florida Bar cards read "Florida" on them, not "City X." For misdemeanors, I would agree that it is usually less expensive to hire locally, but cheaper doesn't necessarily mean "better."

Find an attorney with whom you are comfortable even if you must pay more. Using today's outstanding technologies, Florida defense attorneys can easily handle criminal defense cases across the state. Sometimes, defense attorneys can convince assistant state attorneys not to file charges or file reduced charges while the case is in intake. No attorney, of course, can make you any promises whatsoever about a specific outcome.

I'm a Florida personal injury, criminal defense, and federal civil rights lawyer. If you have personal injury, criminal defense or federal civil rights case and are interested in my services, then please go to my Avvo profile to email or call me. I cannot contact you. Until you sign a contract with me, I'm not your lawyer, and you should not rely upon Avvo for any legal advice except to consult with an attorney. That's always good advice.


I agree with Tiffany.


You need to retain an attorney so that you can have the officer speak to your attorney. Your attorney can also appear at any meeting with the officer. If the officer has probable cause that you committed a crime, the officer will arrest you. However, anything you say to the cop, even in your defense, cannot be introduced in court to help you, it can only be used against you. So, why speak to the cops if you can only hurt yourself with your statement, even if you feel you are innocent?

Speak to your attorney so that you can come up with a strategy. The cop will not just go away, and you cannot make him stop calling you. The cop will continue to bother you and may eventually even arrest you and embarrass you at workplace. Hire an attorney, it's common sense.

The information provided is not legal advice from Criminal Defense Lawyer Albert Quirantes, or the Ticket Law Center in Miami, Florida. There is no attorney client privilege created in this communication. Do not send questions which are confidential in nature by either this venue or via email. Personal questions should be asked in person or via telephonic conference only. You should only ask theoretical questions of a general nature.


I don't think it is a good idea to talk to the police. You should hire an attorney and have him talk to the police and tell them you on the advice of your attorney you will probably not want to make a statement.

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