The condo above me had a water leak and I have property damage. What to do if I don't have my own insurance?

Asked 10 months ago - Denver, CO

There was some issue in the apartment above that resulted in sprinklers going off. The water came through the walls and damaged my property. The fire department wrote a report blaming the tenant. She allegedly accepts the liability and is insured, so is the owner of that condo upstairs. I had to find another accommodation for my tenant because my apartment is currently inhabitable. The owner, tenant and the HOA filed a claim and as the owner told me they are waiting for my claim. However, I don't have an insurance and thus I don't know what to file where. Please advice what I need to do and if I need a legal representation because I currently live out of the country. Thank you very much in advance

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  1. Christopher Daniel Leroi


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    Answered . If you live out of the country, you definitely need an attorney here locally in order to represent you. Claims should be filed with the tenant in the upstairs apartment and with any other individual that has insurance to determine liability.

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  2. Daniel Nelson Deasy

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    Answered . You do need local counsel and you do need to act right away as there are time limits with such claims. Look for someone that deals with premises liability cases and homeowners matters.

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  3. Cheryl Rivera Smith

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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues. Fault lies with whoever caused the damage.

    Actively practicing law in Texas. Inactive licenses in Arizona and Georgia. All answers are general in nature... more
  4. Tatiana Kadetskaya

    Contributor Level 19


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    Answered . Most likely the owner of the apartment above will be liable for the damage. Contact an insurance lawyer who will help you get coverage.

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