The company hired employee as contractor to give the patent right of my prior invents in any manner

During Interview, the company knew me having the prior inventions of electrochromic driver, the company wanted to get my prior inventions. The company changed my position from employee to contractor; asked me to sign contract agreement. In contract agreement, the company asked me to give patent right of my inventions to them "In Any Manner". However, the company's contract agreement didn't have the place to put "prior inventions" to declare my "prior inventions" before working there. Later, the company told me to change my position from contractor to employee with "fake employee offer". I was afraid the company was going to taking away my "prior inventions" in "exhibit of employee agreement". I filed patent application. Employee's offer is fake. Now, the company asked the patent right of my prior invention

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Michael Charles Doland

Michael Charles Doland

Business Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

First, there is no question.
Second, here is an answer - by not having a lawyer review your contract you ended up in a mess. If you don'thire a lawyer now, it will get much, much worse.
You are "allowed" to try it yourself. It almost certainly won't work to your benefit.

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Daniel Nathan Ballard

Daniel Nathan Ballard

Intellectual Property Law Attorney - Sacramento, CA

I think your question is whether the company is the owner of (1) "your" electrochromic driver inventions and (2) the patent application for those inventions.

No one but your own intellectual property attorney can tell you because the analysis requires a review of all the documents that you mention, and others that you don't, and ALL of the facts -- not just the [heavily] slanted facts that you have provided. If you believe that the licensing or sale rights to the inventions that you've created are valuable then there is no getting around having to hire your own intellectual property attorney to help you.

If you did not raise these issues with the patent attorney who filed your patent application then there is some question in my mind whether the application [or, more specifically, your declarations in that application] may not be entirely true and accurate. Such as if you included in your application elements of the invention that were developed [by you or others] while you worked for the company with which you have this dispute [who is, I take it, your current employer]. If so, the inaccuracies put the application, and any patent that issues from it, in jeopardy of being held void.

If you did not have a patent attorney draft and file your patent application then it is most likely worthless [as are 99% of applications that are filed by non-patent attorneys --- and even inexperienced patent attorneys].

In short, no one via this Q&A forum can provide you with actionable information in this situation. You must visit with your own intellectual property attorney. Good luck.

P.S. --- When you do tell your story to your own intellectual property attorney you REALLY need to disclose ALL the facts and you need to do so without slanting any of them. Your question is far too biased for any attorney to take you seriously.

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Neil Pedersen

Neil Pedersen

Employment / Labor Attorney - Irvine, CA

I see no question.

It is not only imprudent, but also a violation of the Community Guidelines to put such specificity into your post. Please be sure to leave that out in the future.

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Curtis Lamar Harrington Jr

Curtis Lamar Harrington Jr

Tax Lawyer - Long Beach, CA

Hire a patent attorney; tell him what you want to do and ask him how he can help you achieve your goals. (and what the risks are)

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Please remember to designate your question's BEST ANSWER.

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