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The cell phone company I am trying to set up an account with is asking me to fax them my ss card. Is there any danger in that?

Barnegat, NJ |

My Company gets discounts for Verizon service and equipment, my son was trying to set up an account with them and gave his name but my ssn since I work for the company. When verizon checked that I guess they saw that the ssn belonged to someone other than my son. I resubmitted in my name and they will not process the account unless I send them a copy of my social security card. I am very reluctant to do that for obvious reasons but they won't accept just my driver's license of other ID. Should I fax them a copy of my ss card?

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    You can understand their reluctance to accept the SS# number since it has been used in a "fraudulent" application. If you can, simply go to the store and show your SS card. Sending a copy by fax or any other release of your SS number is a risk because you no longer have control of it and must rely on the vendor to take care to secure it.