The bank may have compromised my personal information as well as my son's. Is the bank liable?

After I opened my account,my bank mailed me my checking and savings account information for 2 of the 3 accounts. They also by mistake mailed me another person's account information. I have the other person's name, address, and SS#. The bank told me my information was not "breached" and that they only printed up 2 pieces of new account information for me, the 2 pieces that I received. I don't believe them & am now concerned that my personal information (SS#, address, etc) as well as my minor son's information has been compromised. Can I make them prove that they only printed up 2 pieces of information? What can I do to make sure that our information was not shared with anyone else? Can I force the bank to monitor our credit reports for any strange activity? What should be my next step?

El Sobrante, CA -

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Scott Richard Kaufman

Scott Richard Kaufman

Lemon Law Attorney - Los Altos, CA

You are right to be concerned and you should monitor your history anyway. I highly recommend sending a writing to the bank (and keeping a copy) to let them know of your fears and to keep for your records, should you have to hang some liability on them at a later date in time.

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