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The attorney appointed to represent my husband doesn't seem to care.

Flat Rock, MI |

My husband has been charged with three federal counts of child pornography. They carry 5 years minimum, 5 years minimum, and up to 20 years respectively. His court appointed attorney doesn't seem to care. They've had no face to face meetings and only one brief phone conversation. My husband was notified of his trial date today by way of mail. (December 12.) We can't afford a high priced attorney and I'm wondering if there is any chance of finding an in between? In between free legal assistance and high priced? Where would I look?

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  1. Just look around and you will find attorneys of various prices. Just keep in mind the seriousness and you wouldn't go shopping for a brain surgeon by looking for the lowest bidder. Look for ones that accept payment plans and charge a flat rate instead of by the hour. Just keep in mind that any felony that has to be tried will be in the thousands of dollars. I'm sure you can find someone in your price range. I wish you and your husband well.

  2. They are everywhere. Sit in a courtroom and watch the attorneys at work. Ask a court clerk for the name of an attorney that impresses her. Check the State Bar, and AVVO has thousands. I love federal criminal defense; in 20 years I haven't had a single client sentenced to even a day of jailtime. Then again, I'm not advertising or soliciting, and I would be what you call high priced. Call around their out there.

  3. Demand contact. He has a right to be well informed. Or, call around for a local attorney.

  4. Does your husband have a defense? I would call around and get appointments by other attorneys. I doubt that if the attorney starts getting involved now you would trust him anyway.

  5. Your husband needs a federal lawyer with experience with these type of cases and a lawyer who gives a care because his freedom and life as a prospective free man is in jeopardy. I would suggest that you look for lawyers online in the metro Detroit area that specialize in federal criminal defense, read their biography and cases handled and results from those cases. Look for lawyers that are CJA appointed lawyers that take retained cases, that have been trained,exposed and or have litigated these type of emotional complex and politically charged cases. Lawyers will work with you on fees as long as you are realistic about being able to fund the fight. You should be able to find a compassionate,
    Capable and competent lawyer to take this case for a reasonable fee.

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