The applies to DCF. My wifes sister makes some false allegations against us, but I failed a urinalysis for Marijuana.

My wife and I are now enrolled in full-time college, and with 3yr old twin boys and a 4 week old baby girl, it's near impossible for me to go to CARE (drug rehab). They want me to go to CARE once a month and a drug counseling class once a week, but I cannot do that as it will affect the lively hood of my family. I told him this, and he wants me to try to get my children in daycare so I can do all of this, but I think that still won't be enough. What are my rights if I try to refuse?

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Gregg R. Brennan

Gregg R. Brennan

Family Law Attorney - Summerfield, FL

It depends. If you agreed to a case plan, or were ordered by the court to complete a case plan after an adjudicatory hearing, then your failure to complete the case plan in a timely manner will either result in the case plan being extended, or in a worst case scenario a petition being filed to terminate your parental rights. If you haven't agreed to a case plan or been ordered to complete one and these are just things that DCF is suggesting they want you to do, you need to consult with your attorney on how to respond. If you don't have an attorney, you can ask the court to appoint one for you if you are financially unable to afford one.

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Sema Yildirim

Sema Yildirim

Family Law Attorney - Tampa, FL

You may lose your kids! Then you have nobody to work for. So I recommend that you hire a local dependency attorney. This is not to be taken lightly. Also, if you have three small children, it is not in their best interest to have a parent who uses drugs. Look at it from DCFs perspective. I urge you to get help

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