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Texas Online Solicitation Minor Law (Update)

El Paso, TX |

What does this new law, which overturned subsection B of online solicitation of a minor, mean in a legal sense. For me, I thought they would not charge people for crimes of texting messages explicitly to minors. But, I saw someone in the city I live in get charged with just that--in addition to several other charges as well.

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The courts have overturned the "Texas Online Solicitation of a Minor Law". However, there are many other laws prosecutors can use for the same types of acts - obscenity, harassment and child pornography.

If you are engaging with, viewinf, posting, sexting, etc. with minors you are risking prison time and being put on the sex offender's list for life.

You should discontinue any contact of this sort with minors. Nothing good can came of these actions.

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