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Texas Occupational License

Canyon Lake, TX |

I have submitted all the requirements...certified copy of the court order, SR22, Fees.

I received my actual Occupational Drivers license in the mail, however the online status states that I'm not eligible to's always said this.

Would the DPS issue the actual Drivers License if they hadn't received everything they requested?

Am I legal to drive within the perimeters courts orders?

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Yes, your actual court order that the trial court judge signed is your drivers license. So keep it with you at all times.

I have clients that never receive their actual ODL from Texas DPS. Just use the Court Order. You are basically driving under the authority of the COURT.

If something should happen while driving show the officer the Order. Hopefully he or she will understand the significance of the ORDER. If not the trial court will certainly straighten our the situation. Now remember , there are hours you can and cannot drive under the ODL. In Texas you have 8 hours a day with a 4 hour increase to 12 hours under hardship situations.

Also, make sure you have the appropriate counties you drive in on the ODL.

This answer does not create an attorney client relationship. You should hire an attorney for legal representation.

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You need to keep the Court's ODL order and the original petition in your car when you drive. Your actual ODL does not state the conditions of your driving privilege. So, whether you are in compliance is based on the court order you obtained. ODL is not your driver license. it is considered a gap license during the period in which your license is suspended so that you can drive for necessity.

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It sounds like you have everything in order, but it never hurts to call the DMV directly and have them pull up your record and let you know straight from the source. I also agree with my colleague that it's a good idea to keep all of this paperwork with you in your vehicle to clear up any possible confusion.

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