TEXAS (DFW) I need an aggressive divorce attorney to help me get divorce and custody.

My soon to be ex has a lawyer who is, lets say, not a decent man and who plays games all the time. I have an attorney who is knowledgeable but who is really nice and not aggressive enough. The ex has history of domestic violence, has tried to commit suicide, admitted to his desire and ability to kidnap our child and flee the country. With all that, the judge gave him standard possession and ordered $200 in child support (Not enough for diapers) Time to change the tides, I need a lawyer who can solve my saga. Thank you

Arlington, TX -

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Theresa Cay Langford

Theresa Cay Langford

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Addison, TX

There are numerous attorneys on this site who are experienced, aggressive, and qualified. Before you make drastic changes in mid-stream however, have you sat down with your attorney and discussed your frustrations? There could be valid reasons for the way the matter has turned out - or your attorney may not be aware that you prefer an aggressive approach to this matter. Know that it is significantly more expensive to engage in the type of battle you are describing. Once you are satisfied that your current counsel is not your preference, review the various responses of attorneys here, and initiate some contacts.

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Charles Emmerich Hardy

Charles Emmerich Hardy

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - San Antonio, TX

I would suggest you interview another lawyer to determine your options. You might be in a better position than you think - getting a second opinion might help.

Good luck!


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