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Termination /job abandonment due to pregnancy??

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I was a part time employ less than a year . I became pregnant and had my baby 27 weeks early . I let my job know and they told me if I could not come back with in a couple weeks I would be terminated . They stated they processing the termination . I kept asking for my termination letter they would not I finally I respond and they said they " fired " me again on the 2nd of Feb for job abandonment even though i told them I would not be able to make their quota . Then after that they told me to fill out an LA even though they told me I was not excepted for it ? I know about the FLAM and I know that I can not get it but doesn't this go against the pregnancy act and disability act ? i have all the emails too .

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You might want to discuss your situation with an employment attorney. The Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) provides protection to certain qualifying employees requiring an Employer to maintain health insurance coverage and provide job security for up to 26 weeks. Employees are eligible if their Employer has at least 50 employees and the employee has worked at least 1250 hours in the prior 12 months. IF you feel that you have encountered discrimination, you have a very short timetable to institute charges. Again, you should met with an attorney.

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They stated that I was not there long enough or made enough hours to receive FMLA. I do feel that I am being discriminated against. As soon as I told them I was pregnant they changed my position and hours cut.



My job target contacted me stating they put me as job abandonment even though I told them I was unable to comeback with in that month so they said they terminated me that month in Nov,yet they fired me again for the abandonment this Mar. Today I just got a pay stub ataying that I work in Jan and Feb.? Thus I never went in or clocked in ?! I told when I started that job that they can change it if you forgot to punch in. I believe that is what they did is falsely did it to state the job abandonment.


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