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Tenant's rights when the landlord forecloses

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I discovered that my landlord has not paid taxes and assessments since Dec. 2008 on the property that I've rented for 2 years. My gut is telling me he's going to foreclose and I'm trying to find out what my rights are as a renter. If the house does go into foreclosure, will I get my security deposit back? How long will I be able to stay in the property after I get notice of the foreclosure? I live in California. Any advice would greatly be appreciated! Thank you!

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I am not a CA attorney, but I wd advise that you read the contract carefully. Do you have a lease?
What does the lease say about your rights if Landlord defaults? You can go to the county tax department and look at records for this property to see if your "gut" reaction is correct! They are public record! If the LL kept the SD in a separate trust account which is proper in TX then you might be able to claim the SD but if he co-mingled it you might not. If it is foreclosed upon then CA Property Code will control on how long you have to stay there. Do ur own due diligence and then contact a CA attorney that specializes in Tenant rights! 100s of those in CA. Good luck!

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