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Tenant's incurred damage to property and vehicles because another tenant sublet, is landlord responsible for the damage WA

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We live in a triplex middle unit.Our landlord rented to a middle aged woman. But she never moved in herself. She let to younger people stay in this unit ( 18, and 20 year old ) Our landlord was aware of this. During this period both our cars were hit by these tennants.($ 2000.00. $1600.00 damage to cars). Our cars were parked in the right places. One of the incidents was witnessed by the landlord, and a neigbor. The neigbor came to us and told us about what had happened. I called police, filed an accident report. They could not find the driver of vehicle (Young neigbor). He never returned back to this address next door to us. I asked landlord for phone number of the middle aged woman so that I could file against his or hers insuarance. Landlord refused to give this information, and told me to take it as a loss. ($500.00 deductable)
The dwelling was not rented to the younger people, landlord was aware about parties, heavy drinking, and drug use. We confronted landlord several times about this problem.
The first car nobody saw it being hit, so I took the $500.00 deductable as my expense.
I would like to know if I can take landlord to court for my losses, because she(Landlord) was aware of this underaged drinking, and partying by her tennants. She allowed it, after we complaint.?

All the people moved out 2 days after last accident.

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Sure, you could take the lanlord to court for your losses under the facts described, but you would not win, as your legal claims must lie against the young hooligan(s) who vandalized your vehicles and not the landlord.

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