Temporary Restraining Order, can I get my daughter?

I filed a TRO when I had physicial custody of my daughter based on abuse she suffered at the hands of her father's fiance. Her father has primary physical custody. The TRO was finally signed and a hearing date set, only issue is my daughter is now in her father's physical custody. Can I go get my daughter? What are my options?

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William Tyler Moore Jr

William Tyler Moore Jr

Child Custody Lawyer - Houston, TX

Get a lawyer and see about a writ of attachment. If you tried to do this on your own, you made a major mistake. TROs have a limited life and will expire on their own. Trying to get legal advice on a website and do yourself what a lawyer would do compounds the mistake. Seriously, this is a matter requiring knowledge of the law, procedure, and evidence. Get professional help today and good luck. I suggest finding a board certified family law specialist to do this.

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Eric B. Dick

Eric B. Dick

Insurance Law Lawyer - Houston, TX

You need to hire an attorney.

A TRO normally only lasts for 14 days. You should seek a writ of attachment and set temporary orders.

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