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Temporary Orders regarding Modification of Parent-Child Relationship

Denton, TX |

I live in Texas. My ex has taken me to court for custody of our almost 17 year old son. Even though my son told the Judge he would rather live with me (he tried living with his dad, but it didn't work), the Judge entered Temporary Orders giving us joint custody and ordering my son to stay one week with me, one week with his dad until we go to court again. He filed the Modification in the county in which we had our divorce, however, I filed for a Motion of Transfer to the county where I have lived with my son for the past 4 years. It is also the county of residence of his father as well. If the Transfer is granted, I am not sure his father will continue this pointless battle. If that is the case, and his father does not choose to pursue this matter in the new Court, do the Temporary Orders that are in effect now, dissolve after a time, or do I have to bring them to the new county to have everything "put back" the way that it was?

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An attorney would need to read the order that was issued to see if it expires. Alternatively, if you read through the order and you are still unsure as to whether the order expires, you can call the court that issued the order and ask them.


I agree with Ms. Gujavarty.

Additionally, it would be unusual for a Temporary Order to have an expiration date. Instead, if the case becomes dormant, the court will set it for dismissal. If it is dismissed, then the Temporary Order dies with it, and the case reverts back to the last final order of the court.

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