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Tempoary postion and being bullied

Burbank, CA |

I recently just was let go of temporary position. I was there for 4 months. I was bullied in this job a coworker did not like me i was isolated in the unit i requested to move my desk after my supervisor told me to be careful and not talk to my coworkers. I contacted the agency and they told me to ignore it. It became unbearable. They offered me a permanent job and then took back the offer after i let them know what was going on in the unit. when i was told the job offer is being taken back i started to cry and ball and i asked to go home for the day. i told them how uncomfortable this is for me. i contacted the agency when i went home to let them know what happened i get an email and they said i quit and i did not quit I think this is the way not to pay for edd. i want legal help ?

I was also bullied and isolated by a coworker that did not like me . she was a different country from and would speak in her language and laugh and point at me. the company is not a diverse company and many employes are from this country and i am not . My supervisor told me they overheard them talking about and be careful . I felt so isolated bullied. I advise my supervisor and director and my temp agency how uncomfortable it is for me to sit there next to me talking about me. I would like to speak to someone and get legal counsel. I also have emails from my supervisor not to worry about what they say and i am doing a great job and then an email if i feel so uncomfortable to go talk to director which i did and they could not move my desk for months ahead.

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  1. You were a Temporary Employee. They can tell you on any given day that you are not needed tomorrow. They wanted to give you a Permanent position, and changed their mind when they found out that you are a complainer. Then you abandoned your job. I think you should look for new work.

    I represent Employers, but I can recommend Worker Attorneys in So Cal if you ask.

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