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Target Online Job Application Question - Age Discrimination?

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As one progresses through the online form s/he comes across this question which must be answered to continue "Are you older than 18 or younger than 40." The following screen requires the insertion of a complete birthdate. Again, this must be done to continue to the next page. Please, employment attorneys only. Do you smell a class action suit?

I'm aware how hard it is to prove age discrimination especially in light of a recent article I read online.

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  1. No class action lawsuit here based on that alone. While it is logical to question why Target is asking the quesition in that manner, it is not illegal for a potential employer to require the birthdate of a potential employee. Target may simply be collecting data in that manner to make it easier to compile their EEOC compliance report. What might be illegal age discrimination is if Target did not hire anyone who was over 40. Go to to read more about age discrimination and what evidence is needed.

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