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Hello, I am not a US citizen. I was in the US till October 2009. I was arrested and charder with financial institution fraud. After some friends posted bail for me ($100000.00 - they had to pay $10000.00 so I can get out) I was taken into ICE custody for a day and released with a GPS ankle bracelet+they held my passport. I decided to try to go to my country because I didn't have enough money for legal denfense. My question is if I can hire a lawyer to represent me in court and try to take care of my charges despite the fact I am out of the USA. I was arrested in IL. Thank you !

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    Answered . The most direct answer is that you will most likely not be successful in your goal to have a lawyer "take care of your charges." But there is not enough information to give a definitive answer and the following should not be taken as legal advice.

    On one hand, you can hire an attorney but on the other, the attorney cannot do anything. If there is a warrant out for your arrest, it will not be recalled and you cannot demand a trial.

    If you had appeared for arraignment, which is unclear, the judge would have admonished you that a trial may be held in absentia and you may be found guilty if you do not appear in court.

    Part of the problem here is the following sentence, "I decided to try to go to my country because I didn't have enough money for legal defense." This is a problem because the US allows for a public defender to be appointed if a person may be incarcerated and they cannot afford an attorney. Running will not solve the predicament you are in and I do not believe an attorney could make these charges disappear.

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    Answered . I do not believe it is possible to conclude your criminal case without your surrender to the Illinois authorities after you fled ater posting bond. You have to retain a good criminal defense attorney to proceed properly for such surrender.

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    Answered . Since it is obvious that there is a warrant for your arrest, it would not be possible for anything to be done concerning this case until you turned yourself in on the warrant. More information would depend on whether this arrest was in state court or federal, and if state where you were to go to court.

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