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TAIP Interview coming up , what will happen ?

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I was given a date for a TAIP interview , which is coming up next week . I used to smoke cannabis regularly , but it has been about 6 months since my last time . My concern is will this come up at all and if so will it automatically deny me of any probation ?

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The purpose of a TAIP interview is to determine what treatment is appropriate for a probation, not to deny probation. Depending on your score the recommendation could be for anything from outpatient treatment to 6 months inpatient. If your primary drug has been marijuana and you haven't had inpatient treatment before, you're probably looking at outpatient.
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The Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Program ("TAIP") used by Bexar County begins with a checklist that asks a list of simple questions about a person's substance use history and habits. The responses are mathematically scored and the resulting score indicates the level of treatment that a person with those attributes needs in order to survive on probation without getting dirty and possibly getting revoked. In my clients' experience, levels of treatment can range from visits to Center for Healthcare Services and meetings all the way to inpatienmty rehab. I tell my clients when they take the TAIP, to shoot straight and answer the questions honestly. If probationers minimize their need for help with a substance dependency, they will not get the help they need and will be at high risk for losing their probation due to relapse. But if probationers overinflate their need for help (make it sound worse than it is), they could end up losing their freedom and sitting in rehab when they really didn't need it.

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