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Surgery to remove ovary for 2nd time in a yr, Based on radiology imaging In the past 30 days. Surgery yesterday no ovary found.

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I had emergency surgery last August to remove a twisted and very cystic left ovary. Gastro did ct scan as part of some testing for intestinal distress. ODDLY.. scan showed cystic L ovary!! Ultrasound done at my gyn. office on Friday showed and measured a L ovary as well as follicles and live blood flow to ovary! GYN took me to operating room yesterday to remove for second time L ovary. The surgeon could NOT find anything that resembled anything the ct scan or the ultrasound found. There was nothing in there?! When the surgery reported back to my partner, post-op he had a very plain look on his face and was very Matter of factly about it then left for the day. I did not get a chance to speak with him about any of this because surgeon did not come visit me post-op...

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My medical experts tell me that this scenario is terribly unusual. The pelvic cavity of a female that has undergone past surgeries is quite atypical and complex. Scar tissue, cysts, and all kinds of odd structures form after the prior surgeries. Their location, shape, size, and number are never predictable. These soft tissues can sometimes fool a radiologist when reading a CT or MRI.

Having said this, you might want to get a CD containing the radiology studies and take them to a local attorney with experience handling medical negligence cases.

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You need to find out where the problem was . Ask questions of your health care providers.

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You should be able to call your doctor to discuss.

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I certainly will I just don't know exactly what I should be asking this point I'm pretty confused I saw the images myself. I have copies of the cat scan report and ultrasound report showing the same things.. so I don't know why surgeon didn't find anything in there yesterday. I'm not really sure what he can say..

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