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Supervised visitation

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My daughters dad hasn't seen her in years. Just went to Cory for contempt for failing to pay child support. He is always in and out of jail. Has alcohol and substance abuse problem. If he takes me to court for visitation. We have no court order. Can I get supervised visitation? And who has to pay for that? And how long will it last. He also got in trouble a few months ago for domestic violence.

Court not cory sorry auto correct.

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If he files a motion to establish parenting time, the Court will have to consider the totality of the circumstances in determining the best interests of the child. All of the factors you have listed above will be relevant considerations for the Court. The key point in deciding whether his parenting time will be supervised will be assessing whether your daughter will be in danger if parenting time is not supervised. If the Court finds that his parenting time needs to be supervised, typically the Court will require him to pay for it, especially in a situation where he is already failing to pay child support.


Domestic violence and substance abuse are very big concerns for a judge. It is always in the best interest of a child to have a safe environment during parenting time. If father seeks parenting time you should consult with an attorney about how to raise your concerns and keep your daughter safe.

David Littman

David Littman


Depending upon the age of your child, there should be a therapeutic introduction of the child to a parent with whom the child is not familiar.


My colleagues are correct. Keeping him from ever being able to see his daughter is one thing (difficult to accomplish legally); however, setting up reasonable protections for the health and safety of your daughter should be very doable. And, as my colleagues have asserted, he foots the bill if the Court orders supervised time with your daughter.

You should consult with an attorney about your options. Best of luck to you.

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