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Summoned in court for an ex apartment and ex roommate?

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I am being summoned to court because my ex roommate neglected rent for two months. I no longer live in the apartment and she neglected to pay rent AFTER I moved out and subleased to another woman who now lives there. Why am I being summoned if legally, my landlord was supposed to hold the new girl responsible and not me? I also live in Pennsylvania and this happened in Massachusetts. I moved out three months ago if this makes any difference.

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The answer to this question will be controlled entirely by the lease and sub lease as well the laws of the Commonwealth of as Massachusetts (not Pennsylvania). You should re-post it there to get a more accurate answer.

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I suspect its because your name was never taken off the lease. However, as Atty. Crawford indicated, this matter is controlled by your lease and the laws of Massachusetts. You need to take it up with an Atty. in Massachusetts. This situation happens sometimes where someone is on the lease and moves out early and is replaced, but the replacement never gets their name put on the lease.

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